"You are the preserver of memory"
I woke up to those words yesterday after posting my 2 cents on the sinister actions of people on this island. 

Another historical monument is gone. Back in 2013 I was condemned for speaking up against cockfighting; A barbaric animal abusing act which government wanted to pass off as culture 🤮  (some heads in govt are full on cock fighters and dog fighters and make big profits.)
where the lie? Be happy I don’t name names.

Now here we have a govt who supports and condones organized animal abuse  (what was tat about the population of VERVET monkeys again? )
friendly island? WHERE?  A govt which ALSO supports the taking over of our island by foreign investors because if the price is right, you can do whatever u want with ur private land NEVERMIND WE HISTORY EH. PAY UP PAY UP. And this aint start yesterday or last year. Remeber the wall on LB Scott road.. destroyed only to be replaced by another wall? Modern BS
is this what St Maarten is ? Well it fits the name given to us by barbarians for sure.
Have we come barbarians as a result? Oh too many Vervet monkeys so let’s round them up and SHOOT them.. great job. NATURE foundation.. they save turtles but will murder monkey bec why? WESTINN hotel & jackass farmers are complaining. Oh dear. I know a farmer who plants banana and other fruits a distance away from him.. FOR di monkey dem. and they don’t harass him. That’s love. Respect for nature. Take note. ‘nature’ foundation.
anyway COMPASSION.. is nowhere to be found on this island .. when it comes to animal…nature..or history. This is not Soualiga. This is not the place I love and am born on.. .the island I know and love .. is a friendly island.
Where we love nature and respect all life. Sadly I have not seen much of this at all. It's all. Cocktail.. hotel.  Trendy bullshit...I love sxm. But Europe is home. I am far more welcomed there.
Let's save the ocean but empty it. Let's put palm trees in pots and call it beautification.
Let’s talk about cleaning up the island but hey. when u see DA DUMPCANO.. just look away .. look away… and if da salt pond smelling.. hold the nose ! And drive fast or walk fast . smh. Bandaid solution.. the way of the corrupt government. Yes hate me. But I will never be silenced.
Ya’ll can come with death threat again. I’m heavily protected. Try it . Oh look these royal parasites are visiting let's clean up. smh. Everyone condemned me for speaking up and now what do I see? HASHTAG SPEAKUP Hmmmmmm.  what is it that we are urged to do? And some will ..until they gotta clink glasses over dinners paid for by tax payers.
Oh sweet Sint Maartens land I am once again ashamed and appalled by my local government.
When will money be the least they are concerned with.
I'm a LOCAL photographer.. that's what real LOCAL photographers do. PRESERVE MEMORY. What was that about hating me again for ? What exactly.? And how long ago was that ? Stop living in the past. We all go thru something. Am I going to be condemned forever. But the same politician destroying your country and your historical monuments.. they get forgiven.. lil slap pon di wrist .. and a drink to go wid dat and all is well again. But hey Sarina.. boy.. hate she til doomsday.
Why is that? Wrong skin colour? Wrong achternaam?
OH .. I smell another blog coming.
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