Where are you based, and do you travel for shoots?
I am based out of Amsterdam 6 months of the year and the other 6 months out of Sint Maarten, in the Dutch Caribbean. I travel quite often for shoots. I am based out of Sint Martin but I work regularly on St Barths, Anguilla and neighbouring islands. 
I am always willing, able and love to travel. Just shoot me an email and we can discuss the details. Let's make it happen. 
Do you ever deliver RAW files?
In an effort to protect/secure my personal style, my branding, I do not release any unedited images; my editing style is part of my creative process and so I cannot release my work if it is half done. As for RAW images, sometimes clients request to purchase the RAW image files, in which case it is possible to purchase exclusively. You can shoot me an email about this and we can go from there.
How do you deliver photos, and how does the online gallery work?
The first thing I do is I send my clients proofs. (Proofs are low resolution watermarked versions of the images),The proofs do have a basic retouch where I fix the light etc if necessary. These are sent via a link where you can share, view and ultimately select the images you would like edited based on the photo package chosen. Second, once I receive your selection, I will retouch the images and upload for download from afore mentioned link, where you can download in high resolution (for print) and low resolution (for web).
Do you shoot Weddings/Couples or families?
Yes I have covered hundreds of couples shoots; engagement, surprise engagement, just married, maternity sessions, best friends, sisters etc . Photographing couples is one of my favourite type of photoshoots because of the intimacy of relationships. I have also covered my fair share of weddings, large and small ceremonies, throughout Europe, The Caribbean and The United State, sadly I am unable to display them all here as many clients opt for discretion.
What equipment do you use?
Canon Canon Canon !! (but we love all brands.. it's all love !)  
Yup I am a Canon girl. Always have been, from my first camera at 7 years old, to my beloved cameras I use today, all professional DSLR full framed cameras and L series glass lenses.  For lighting, I use PROFOTO strobes, i simply love them and hwo they work. i love the brand.  I am also a big ADOBE user, having worked for them in the past, as a result i am quite advanced in my editing skills. 
How do you manage the prepayment for your work?
In order to secure your shoot date. My retainer cost is 30%-50% of the total amount of cost of shoot. This can be done via bank transfer, Wise, Western Union, or if residing on the island, via bank transfer in local currency (Antillian Guilders (nafls) or Cash. 
What's your editing style?
I have several editing styles, having been a professional photographer for a little over 20 years. Having developed different editing styles for different photoshoots. Sometimes I edit according to the wishes of clients. Sometimes a vintage feel is better for some images. I also love to do monochrome versions of some images if it fits. My overall editing style is a mix between colourful, vibrant and soft fantasy. I also love to do edgy sharp edits for fashion work. It all depends on the work and the desired result. Either way I always strive for the most natural result, unless otherwise requested. For example: u want barbie plastic skin . I can give you that. You are always more than welcome to have a l Look at my body of work on this website or visit instagram for an impression of my style.
Why do digital files I can print at home. so expensive?
Ah yes, the big question for many. 
To put it simply, a digital file which you can print X amount of times will cost 50$ and up due to it's nature of being a high resolution file which can be printed at home X amount of times.  Imagine if every time u printed you had to come back to the photographer or the photo studio to get that image printed. even if the costs were 5$  .. it would still add up eventually.. 
so what we do as photographers is.. we take the average amount of times a client will return to us for an image and multiply that by our fee. for example. one 8x10 which costs 15$  .. average amount fo times that image will be ordered (let's say 5) 
we take 5 x 15 = 75$ for one 8x10 
What is a High resolution File? "JPG is not high resolution!!"
giggle.. every time i think of this i must giggle. it is amazing how half the time in my profession i am teaching people about pixelation, resolution and the basics of how light works. So.. why not add this in my FAQ section. 
here we go.. so....I was once told, jpeg is not high resolution., it is either PSD or TIFF. Let me explain something which most  have misconstrued conceptions about. A high resolution file is a file which has at-least 300 PPI resolution. This can be. JPEG or a TIFF file. I deliver in JPEG. I work with RAWS . my work file are PSDs. and no i do not give out my PSD files. (this is like asking a magician for their secrets on a flyer). Do we also ask chefs for their recipes?  if they want to share they will release a recipe book no? so in the same respect, we photographers.. kinda work similarly when it comes to our work behind the scenes. 
"but my image is 3072x2048 why can't i print this? 
the format is one thing. the resolution of your image is another. so again. a high resolution image aka. an image suitable for large prints will be one where the PPI is at least 300 . anything less than this will result in pixelation. 
Will I be able to print ALL my images i receive from you? 
This depends on what you have paid for. Some people are not at all interested in Prints, they want digital files for social media and for most, a low resolution image is fine. So my first package focuses on just the session, and include 10 images which can be used on social media. If you would like high resolution images instead, I suggest Package II or add 50$ to your shoot for HR Images in Package I
Can i get my images delivered the following day? 
Of course you can, please let us know in advance that this is what you would like to have. For a fee of 150$ images can be done the same day of shooting and delivered within 24 hours (please note. this requires me to receive your selection ASAP as i can only edit once i have your selection unless you choose to have me select your images) 
Can I choose my images right then and there post shoot? 
This can be arranged, however, i work with very big raw files, and internet is tricky on the island. What i can do is arrange a meet up post shoot, for us to go through the images and you make your selection. often times tho, after a day of shooting, everyone is tired including my assistant. so This process is preferred online in the comfort and privacy of each of our homes/places of stay.
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