This gem contacted me in April of 2024. See email below. She went ahead and booked my biggest package.. promising to make her retainer payment to secure her spot. meanwhile.. is in my inbox askingme about locations..concepts.. and ideas that would work for her.. She even provided photos of her ..h, wow.. first she said 3 outfits max.. so i said okay.. we can do that but u can also bring some extra outfits shoudl we have extra time.. i believe in variety.. 

she then sent me photos of 12 outfits.. well jesus christ bish.. from 3 outfit to 12??!!! hmm ok.. talk about offering your finger and they take your entire arm..but okay..some people are like this. what to do . nothing. 
anyway.. here we have a little gallery of the images she sent me..showing shots of her travels 'around the world' ..right.  ok ... probably thought she could impress me with this bs..but retainer..NO discussion of ideas...locations..outfits..NOTHING!!!!!!!  why?? well.... and read it well..
 Some people love to come to me.. get my professional input and then go to some mediocre amateur photographer OR whomever and use all my input for their shoot.  this has been happening a while now... but why ? u mean to tell me these people don't have any kind of upbringing or decency to just be REAL and say hey .. love your work.. i have a shoot, and would you give us some ideas.. etc etc .. give me credit for my part and we good.. wtf is wrong with people?> yes it pissesm off.. and i a,mhuman.. so deal with it. if u judge me..well then why are you reading this? be gone. i will NEVER kiss your ass to make a dollar. hell no. that is what is wrong with this world today. 
so why the blog? because i tyad of this nonsense. this ain't a hobby for me.. i do not have time .. to deal with parasites ! 
so this is the gallery she sent me. 
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