Recovery: A Self Portrait Series
A rediscovery of self
so…. I really wanted to try this artsy nude type of thing for a selfportrait today…This was my result..among many others..which i also loved but i found these two in combination to be most effective and well ..effective for what i’m not too sure but something about them made me think of the word…’recovery’..and it turns out to be very ..suitable…for this image..and my life at the moment… i guess..i have come a long way from where i once was…qua lifestyle, friendships, love, and who i am…who i once was….I feel like i keep looking back, resenting who I am..because i’m no longer who i was. The lack of energy..concentration..the need to go out and party!! well i do sometimes but i just can’t be bothered most days’s like..i literally FEEL myself aging..not that that is a bad thing..not at all…it’s just …different…. I miss being this melancholic teenager who found beauty in every single thing..and wrote about it..someone who delved into conversations with this persistent will to change people by having the patience to well..have patience with them.
Sometimes I wonder….did my happiness (finding my other half,…throwing myself into my life’s passion…finding spirituality) lead to my lack of inspiration? my loss for words when it comes to titling my photos…i’m not as ‘wordy’ as i once was…it’s like..i needed issues to be ‘creative’ or so it feels… but i guess it’s all part of rediscovering oneself….. after recovering..from my 20′s =)

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